Thursday, April 2, 2015

The year of drones at National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) convention

Last year there was about a dozen drone companies at National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) convention, the year before a only a few drones, but this years annual event in Las Vegas has a whole section dedicated to drones. As the Executive Producer of the local TV Show Silicon Valley- Technology, Art, Green & Sustainability the idea of taking film above ground without actually having to get into a helicopter to do so excites me. As a private citizen the idea of drones brings to mind Orson Welles book 1984 and having people able to watch everything we do, possibly evading my privacy is not something I like. We all crave more data at our fingertips, but will it be worth the loss of our privacy? Last years show had a great product by Sony that rivals GoPro. The quality of film and the display on the Sony were much better then the GoPro. There was a watch type display that you could view what you are filming on the Sony product. I will be looking for changes in this technology this year to add to our local show, that we will be filming at other locations beyond California this year. Now that this technology has been out for a while more options should be available. Cannon last year had the most interesting still photography displays and demonstrations. While film quality cameras we could not decide what would be the best option for our crew for the SVTAGS production. We have always used the equipment that CreaTV San Jose has provided for their customers at a low cost, and since the technology changes so fast; this has been the best option for us to date. Their equipment has spanned from JVC, to Sony and other products so we have tested a wide variety on location filming. To date we have gone on location over fifty times, and are working on out 121st and 122nd show that we will film in the studio next week. At NAB this year we will be looking for our own equipment to buy and are excited to see what’s new. The NAB show this year is April 11th to the 16th. Exhibit Halls are opening on Monday the 13th. For more information about SVTAGS please go here: or email at Note: SVTAGS and Heather Durham do not endorse, nor is paid, buy any of the products mentioned above and has a non-preferential opinion on all the said items in this blog.