Saturday, November 6, 2010

San Francisco Green Fest today

My entire week was filled with working on two new SVTAGS TV/Cable shows, speaking engagements-one at SBODN, a 3-year Anniversary event of the Green Chamber of Commerce SF,the
"Be The Change" Program with Aterra, an "Awakening Women's Potential" event with Soroptimist International and now I'm off to film at the Green Fest San Francisco for my TV Cable show.

Since I have been out of town in years past for this fall Green Festival. I'm really looking forward to investigating today the hundreds of vendors, speakers and see what's up there!

Exhausted from the weeks activities, but also very excited to be able to go to this.... I will be reporting more later on all of the above mentioned!

(Above photo of San Francisco City Hall lite up with orange colored lights for the SF Gaints).

Friday, July 30, 2010

One Green Gals Home Improvement Projects Day 4

Okay, so I thought I would walk into the tile shop and know what I wanted. The FireClay shop that won the CA Clean Tech Open (now Clean Tech Open) in 2008 has so much cool stuff I walked away confused about what to buy!

Today I will go back and take a closer look at their bone yard, which is leftovers that people did not want after the tile was handmade just for them... (people can be so wasteful and picky!)

Here is what my shower has looked like this week and some photos of the tile from Fire and Clay in San Jose. After looking through my photos and thinking I had took before shoots, the only photos I could find are of the cats playing next to the tile we tore out. For the past 2 plus years the cats have thought that the upstairs shower was there personal sandbox, since that's were their box has sat. They are very confused this week and are not happy about the tar in the shower.

Nothing like old meets new in a home improvement project.
Click here for slide show of the project.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Green Drinks Silicon Valley

Tonight I'm heading to Green Drinks Silicon Valley. There is a new gal running this one and her name is Suzanne Hibbs. She is very enthusiastic about getting Green Drinks numbers up from where it stands. Last month she said that about 50 people showed up and she is hoping that this keeps increasing. She asked if I would do a few minutes on Green events in the area, or on my TV Cable show that I started about a year ago, (of course that show is called Silicon Valley -Technology, Art, Green and Sustainability (SVTAGS).

In my past experience with the local Green Drinks only a hand full of people showed up. However other areas have any where from 40 to a 200 people show up. Since Green Jobs, Green Economy, Sustainability and related topics are so hot right now- it makes sense that people would want to gather and share information here. Since we are so used to sharing information through technology. Maybe this is why the numbers in the past have bee low, because we like to sit at our computers and talk to others, not really get out and share our research... I think that it's not that really, so we will see what the turn out is like and I hope folks will come, share their thoughts, perspectives on this new green economy and the boom that feels like it's just ahead!

A verde cheers to all!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Green Chamber of Commerce event in Silicon Valley

Last night the Green Chamber of Commerce helped us celebrate our first year of film production for Silicon Valley -Technology, Art, Green and Sustainability (SVTAGS). The event was held at CreaTV San Jose.

Silver Mountain Winery
hosted their organic wines for tasting, Morocco’s hosted Couscous salad that was yummy and Marin Gourmet hosted with all natural, locally made hummus and olive tapas.

Our guest speakers were Christine Hertzog, author of the Smart Grid Dictionary and Ken Crittendon of the Smart Grid Council of Silicon Valley. We had rave reviews from all that attended and they said that these two are dynamic speakers.

We had four door prizes and winners are as follows: Ron Huch, CEO of WESCOA Engine Technology won the Green Chamber of Commerce membership. Jill Cody won the SVTAGS guest appearance on the ½ hour show. Sandy Desch won the CreaTV San Jose annual membership. Cesar Plata won the Eco Baskets that included vintage wine glasses, CFL’s and a set of eco-friendly bamboo hot pads and drink coaster.

A big thank you to everyone that has helped to produce the television show this year and that helped set up last nights event!

Margo Alaimo -Assisting with set up/prep and tear down, picked up the couscous (thanks so much!) and other production tasks.

Mark Arnold -Film editing and writing/editing for blogging, set up/prep and tear down of events.

Tammy Correa -Assisting with set up and prep at this event, the USGBC event and all the other help she has supported me with this year! Also to Tammy’s Daughter Onjaney -Assisting with set up and prep.

Courtney DiMiceli –Event set up and prep!

Luis Del Rio - great help with set up/prep and tear down for production and the event!

Again the wine is the best organic that this crowd has every tasted... I totally agree!

For some reason this blogger site is not letting me add the slide show feature right now. So go here to see the photos form last night:

More events to come this summer!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Deepak Chopra, Cinequest and SVTAGS

Last month I was invited to be "media" at Cinequest Film Festival for my TV/Cable show. The two-week event was amazing with movies that you would never normally get a chance to see.

One of the staple events that Cinequest does is a “Life of a Maverick Award” and this year the recipient was Deepak. He spoke for about an hour and a half. You can read about that here with Sandy Desch, who was my guest write at the event:

To see my exclusive interview with Deepak backstage go here for the uncut version:

Don’t forget to watch my show, Silicon Valley -Technology, Art, Green and Sustainability (SVTAGS), on Monday’s at 7:00pm in San Jose channel 15 Comcast/CreaTV San Jose, or watch after they air here: